Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart 👋

❥ is an artist and art worker based in Amsterdam, working mostly in the fields of writing, sound, publishing and organizing;
❥ is part a publishing platform called OUTLINE and a music community called corecore;
❥ has a cv;
❥ likes getting e-mails;
❥ as well as sending emails;
❥ can also be found on Instagram and Soundcloud.

Currently on my mind:
┼ 2024: 'deep fried listening', reading group and audio collage with corecore for Nieuwe Instituut and Rewire festival;
┼ 2023: 'W-Street (plot points and non-fictions)', publication for OUTLINE;
┼ 2023: 'Multiple names', online publication with OUTLINE for Cosmos Carl - Platform Parasite;
┼ 2022-2023: 'Seaside', bi-monthly radio show with OUTLINE on Stranded FM;
┼ 2022-2024: 'Selfscare', bi-monthly radio show with corecore on Stranded FM;
┼ 2022-now: freelance writing for Metropolis M;
┼ 2022-2023: research residency at Het Nieuwe Instituut with OUTLINE;
┼ 2022: 'IN VOICE,' group presentation of sonsbeek20-24's study group 'A Blues For The Essential Workers' at Dutch Art Institute in ZERO..., Milan, IT;
┼ 2022: 'Wash warm with unlike colors', audio performance for Dutch Art Institute's Aeroponic Acts at Centrale Fies, IT;
┼ 2022: audio piece for Laverie Sentimentale, presented at State of Fashion, Arnhem, NL;
┼ 2022: '¶ commons minimix', audio piece for OUTLINE ¶#0-¶#3, A get-together in OT301, Amsterdam, NL;
┼ 2022: 'Should I describe my living room or just invite you over?', performative reading for Dutch Art Institute in BACO - Base Arte Contemporanea Odierna, Bergamo, IT.

w-street W-Street (plot points and non-fictions) (2023)
W-Street (plot points and non-fictions) tells the story of an almost fictional character (A.) in a hardly fictional street (W-Street). It is a relational account of a neighbourhood that became a development project: perpetually unfinished, continually overwriting its many pasts. It “stitches together imperfectly” this specific urban history with musings on remembering and forgetting, public art and memorials, cinematic references and feminist theory; as alignments and disjunctions when you turn a corner, or a page.

multiple names Multiple names (2023)
‘Multiple names’ is a written meditation on the political potential of slippery identities and transindividual authorship as encountered in several publishing practices. The essay is published in messages over the span of January 2023 on a Telegram channel. The project is hyperlinked by Cosmos Carl – Platform Parasite.

B2B F2F B2B F2F (2022)
Contribution to the IN VOICE publication as part of sonsbeek20-24's study group A Blues For The Essential Workers at Dutch Art Institute.

seaside Seaside (2022-ongoing)
A bi-monthly hour of sounds, music and words on Stranded FM with OUTLINE and guests.

cosmos carl Dog Star Man (a dialogue) (2022)
A dialogue between V and A, two artists who are watching the film Dog Star Man by Stan Brakhage on a MacBook in A’s living room. They talk about relationality, nostalgia, forms versus formations, Youtube comments and Letterboxd reviews. The dialogue can be read as subtitles under the film.
Made for Cosmos Carl - Platform Parasite.

roving assemblage Roving Assemblage: Anything Ghosts (2021)

roving assemblage Roving Assemblage: Anything Ghosts (2021)
A collective score written by the COOP study group Curating Positions: Bodies and Antibodies in Cinema at Dutch Art Institute together with Bulegoa z/b.
Design by Lulu van Dijck
Edition of 200
Published by DAI Roaming Academy

crumbling maps Crumbling maps (an account of a space) (2021)

crumbling maps Crumbling maps (an account of a space) (2021)
A short story published in Filmtheater Kriterion's 75 year anniversary magazine.

listening group Listening Group: Storytelling For Earthly Survival (2021)
A reading of the documentary Donna Haraway: Storytelling For Earthly Survival (2016) together with Isabelle Weber as part of the COOP study group at Dutch Art Institute. Broadcast as part of OUTLINE streams: in dubio on Werkplaats Typografie's Phantom Radio.

everybody wins everybody wins if anybody wins (2021)
Audio collage together with Tjobo Kho for Phantom Radio's Saturday Matinee on April 3, 2021.

pilcrow#0 ¶ (Pilcrow)-series (2020-2022)

pilcrow#0 ¶ (Pilcrow)-series (2020-2022)

pilcrow#0 ¶ (Pilcrow)-series (2020-2022)
¶#0 consists solely of texts and images found on the online collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia. This publication, which is the first in the series, has ___ authors and we’d like to thank every one of them. It is assembled by Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart, designed by Tjobo Kho and published by OUTLINE. It is riso-printed in an edition of 150. The typeface is called Self Modern and it’s made by Lucas Le Bihan. ¶#0 was made in May 2020. Order on outline.jetzt